Pricing for Services in Woodstock


  • With Exam$80
  • With Exam & 2 Bitewings$105
  • With Exam & 4 Bitewings$115


  • With Exam$60
  • With Exam & 2 Bitewings$85
  • With Exam & 4 Bitewings$95


  • 2 Bitewings$25
  • 4 Bitewings$35
  • Panorex$85
  • Full Mouth Series$100
  • Fluoride$20

New Patient Cleanings

  • With Exam$110
  • With Exam & 2 Bitewings$135
  • With Exam & 4 Bitewings$145


  • Composite (white) Fillingsstart at $95
  • Amalgam (silver) Fillingsstart at $85


  • Simple$95 to $125
  • Surgical$125 to $175

Extractions with Impressions

  • Each Tooth$85 to $95
    (not including wisdom teeth)


  • Full Set$495
  • Lower Plate only$395
  • Upper Plate only$395
  • Partials (cast)$495
  • Reline of Dentures (per plate)$120


  • Crowns (per tooth)$790 to $880
  • Bridge (per tooth)$790 to $880
  • **We do implants, please consult with doctors**


**Consultations are free. However, if medication is given, you will be charged $50 for an office visit.**


Our financial policy requires that payment be made at the time of service.

Patients who do not have insurance can apply for CARE CREDIT through our office.

However, when patients do have dental insurance, you must provide all information needed to file the insurance. If you do not have the proper information, you will be expected to pay for your visit and we will provide you with the proper forms to file the insurance claim. When all information is provided, we will call your insurance company to verify benefits. You will then be charged an estimate of what your insurance will pay. There are cases when our estimate of how much your dental insurance company is going to pay is wrong. This results in the patient later having a balance due. Insurance companies almost always notify patients of a payment before sending this payment to a dentist. This helps eliminate fraud. All balances are due when you receive notification of having a balance due.